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Bob is an internationally renowned ornithologist with a 35 year track record of high quality research and project supervision"

Bob’s work at MacArthur Green has involved strategic projects developing methodologies to assess or mitigate interactions between seabirds and renewables, for clients such as Forewind, US Bureau of Ocean Management, Marine Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural England, and Defra. He has also worked on a variety of site-based projects where impacts on birds are of concern, and on a wide range of issues related to bird conservation and adaptive management, marine fish stock assessment and fisheries management.

Bob is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Glasgow, a member of the Board of SNH, appointed Chair of the SNH Scientific Advisory Committee, on the board of the British Trust for Ornithology and an honorary member of the German Ornithological Society. He serves on the editorial boards of several scientific journals including Journal of Ornithology and Bird Study.

Bob chaired an international panel of experts appointed by the Danish government to advise on the monitoring of environmental impacts of their demonstration offshore wind farms at Nysted and Horns Rev and has co-authored several recent papers in scientific journals on assessing the cumulative impacts of wind farms on bird populations.