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Professor Jason Matthiopoulos holds a personal chair in Spatial and Population Ecology at the University of Glasgow.

He is a mathematical and statistical ecologist who carries out diverse work on animal behavioural modelling, analytical population and metapopulation dynamics, demographic inference from sparse population data, spatial population dynamics, the statistical modelling of species distributions and the modelling of individual animal movement.

He is currently working to develop efficient statistical methods for linking the dynamics of populations with their spatial distribution and resource availability. His academic work (more than 80 high impact peer reviewed publications) aims to integrate traditional mathematical modelling with modern statistical inference (e.g. hierarchical models, state-space models, hidden Markov models). His applied work (more than 30 government reports) has focused on the trade-offs between wildlife conservation and human priorities (e.g. efficiency and design of protected areas, environmental impact assessment, resource management compatible with conservation, and productivity/biodiversity trade-offs).

Since 1998, his work has been instrumental in the design of policy on mammals and birds by UK government departments (MAFF, DEFRA, JNCC, DECC, SNH, Forestry commission, SCOS). He is the recipient of several international awards for scientific excellence, has long-term experience as associate editor in top ecology journals (Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Biology Letters, Journal of Applied Ecology). Jason has authored the highly successful postgraduate textbook “How to be a Quantitative Ecologist: The 'A to R' of Green Mathematics and Statistics”.