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Joining MacArthur Green in 2013, Lindsay brought with him a passion for the outdoors and a proficiency in the use of GIS and Graphic design packages. He provides GIS and Mapping Support to the MacArthur Green Team on a variety of projects, creating and maintaining environmental data sets and producing ecological, ornithological and peat maps for technical reports and the survey team.

In addition to his GIS and Mapping responsibilities, he is also trained in protected species (Otter, water vole, badger, pine marten and bats), peatland habitats and electrofishing survey techniques, enabling him to undertake field surveys carried out at MacArthur Green.

Lindsay also plays a key health and safety role in the company, providing support for all Lone Working surveyors.

Lindsay completed a BSc in Physical Geography at the University of Glasgow in 2007, returning as a post graduate in 2010 to complete an MSc in Geoinformation Technology and Cartography. He is also a member of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI).