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Leanne Cooke specialises in the survey and assessment of protected mammal and reptile species, with an emphasis on bat ecology. Her work includes the production of technical bat reports and Phase 1 habitat reports for inclusion in ES chapters for wind farm developments. Leanne also carries out vegetation surveys for Phase 1 Habitat Survey and National Vegetation Classification (NVC). Leanne is a National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) qualified tree climber and uses these skills to undertake aerial surveys for tree roosting bats and red squirrel.

Prior to joining MacArthur Green Leanne was employed as a consultant ecologist in both Ireland and the UK for over four years. She has worked on a range of different projects for residential, commercial, pharmaceutical, wind farm, road and rail developments. Leanne has also carried out work as an Ecological Clerk of Works for the Beauly – Denny project providing legislative compliance, monitoring and advice.

Leanne has a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from John Moores University, Liverpool. Leanne holds a SNH Bat Surveyor’s Licence.